Overview of SciLifeLab COVID-19 communication channels

The SciLifeLab Data Centre has set up communication tools for the Covid-19 work. The key channels are as follows:

SciLifeLab Slack channels

Slack is good for fast-paced discussions organized in different channels. The SciLifeLab Slack workspace is https://scilifelab.slack.com - anyone with an email address that ends in scilifelab.se, scilifelab.uu.se, bils.se or nbis.se can immediately register themselves here. Anyone else: request an invite by emailing datacentre@scilifelab.se.

SciLifeLab Forum

The SciLifeLab Forum (which this is posted in) is good for more substantial reference information, yet easy to update. It is public to the world. Topics (=posts) can be searched and tagged and have link URLs that can be shared. It is a Discourse instance.

Sign up using the blue Sign Up button at the top. See Guide to getting started.


Confluence provides a shared workspace for collaborative projects. Documents, tasks and project plans can be created, viewed and edited by the participants. A workspace can be made open or private to a team, and it is easy for a workspace admin to manage members and configure the contents of it.

To start a Confluence workspace at https://scilifelab.atlassian.net, please email datacentre@scilifelab.se. Visit our Confluence guide for a quick overview of the system and how to get started.

SciLifeLab Data Repository

The SciLifeLab Data Repository, powered by Figshare, is for publishing any kind of data, e.g. documents, figures, or presentations. This is a great way to share material: it has version control, and you can work on submissions until you actively choose to publish.

Each published item will get a permanent DOI. A license can be attached. This is a system for publication, not a system for sharing data within a project - for that, use Confluence (see above). For a good example of how it can be used, take a look at the NIH data repository. Email datacentre@scilifelab.se for an account.

See Figshare knowledge base for a guide.

The Data Centre will provide tutorials and training sessions for our systems in the near future.

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