About the Cryo-EM category

This topic is a place for Cryo-EM facility users to ask/answer questions and start discussions in a continuous community forum outside of our bi-weekly group meeting and drop-in sessions.

We hope that you can use this forum first and foremost to create topics related to questions you have regarding cryo-EM data collection and processing. This will allow us over time to create a collective knowledge base for our user community. Some of the questions we can imagine being asked could include:

  • Should I collect in Linear Mode or Counting Mode on the Falcon 3?
  • What is the effect of --maxsig or --tau_fudge on my refinement or classification?
  • Do you have any suggestions on collecting micrographs of small proteins (<100kDa)?
  • Do I need to solve for X-axis tilt when aligning my tilt-series?

We hope to be active in these discussions, but you are also suggested to participate in them and feel free to propose possible answers when you have relevant experience to the question at hand. Just as we do in our group meetings.

Topics can also cover new technologies and methods. Have you had a positive experience using LAFTER in your latest project and want to share what you learned with others? Do you have concerns about the latent variable space encodings in cryoDRGN and want someone with which to talk about it? When discussing recent publications please try and keep discussion related to the the cryo-EM methodology.

Finally if there is some engagement with the category we could also perhaps add some facility updates and notices which may be of interest to you all.

Please also feel free to let us know what your thoughts are on how best we could utilize this space. We hope it to be something a little less hectic and slower paced compared to Slack, while providing a more central and organized knowledge base compared to a mailing list.